How to place the thermostat in "hold temperature" mode

I have three of the new thermostats and have a question before installing. My wife likes the ability to place our current thermostat on Hold to insure same temp up stairs when the grandkids come over thus overriding the current setting. Can this be done at the Thermostat as she will not have her phone with her?

You can manually change the temp at the thermostat, the temp will hold until next scheduled temp change

But what about a permanent HOLD placed from the thermostat?

Nope, it’s only available from the app

I guess that needs to be an enhancement request. Gotta have the ability to place thermostat on permanent hold from the thermostat. That is a show stopper.

Looks like no answer from Wyze team. Why is so difficult to have a Permanent Temperature Hold feature? Any cheap thermostat has that feature. :roll_eyes: