Wyze Thermostat - Did Wyze even test it?

I love all the Wyze products that I have bougth so far, but I feel like Wyze has dropped the ball on Thermostat big time. I bought one a few months ago, but I am still struggling to get it to do one simple thing - hold the temperature that I set it to. No schedules, not different modes, no nothing. I even bought a thermostat sensor to help it out, but no, it just doesn’t want to do such a simple task.

For example, right now the outside temp is 55F. So I have it set to heat. I have set the target temp as 75F and hold is on. But as you can see from the pictures, the current temperature is 79F. I have Differential Temp set to 0.5F, so it should not go beyond 0.5F or 1F difference. I have Behavior set to Max Comfort, which means it should not worry about using up gas (for heater) and electricity (for AC), but focus more on maintaining the temp.

I am assuming when Hold is on, it should ignore all the Home, Away, and Sleep settings, but I still have all the schedule set to Home, day or night, and Home is set to “Heat to 69” and “Cool to 78”

Right now, as you can see in the pictures, the thermostat sensor is not included in Comfort Control, but I have tried it with thermostat sensor included, it doesn’t make any difference. Regardless the thermostat unit is reading 79 even though the target temp is 75.

Also turning on and off Motion Sensor Comfort does not make any difference either. Right now in the pictures, it is off.

I have attached all the pictures of relevant settings. What am I doing wrong? Any help will be appreciated. So far it has been super disappointing experience.

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Not an expert – let’s start with that, lol. :slight_smile:

I see you are overtemp (79 vs 75). But you have heat on, no AC. So it can’t possibly bring the temp down.

I say that because in my house with lots of windows, I often see a rise in internal temps on sunny days. Not usually 55 deg days, tho. More like 65, but it happens.

Also, not sure what happens when you use only the preferences and not a schedule. Is just preferences enough to control the temp? Support section says “preferences [are] building blocks for building a Schedule for your thermostat”. But that may not matter if you have no way to cool.

The last thing is the thermostat may be miswired, but I will leave that to once we resolve the initial questions. @speadie’s insights may be useful in both cases. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the reply @Newshound. The question is not to cool it back down to 75F, the question is that how come the temperature even reached 79F. I can understand reaching 76F when target is 75F, but to get it to 79F, you really have to intentionally be heating beyond 75F/76F thinking it needs more heat, and I wouldn’t expect that from a “smart” thermostat.

Before this one, I had a 17 year old dumb thermostat, and it could maintain the temperature better than this “smart” one.

Not really. In my house I can hit 80 on a 65-70 deg day if the sun warms the house and the windows are closed. The thermostat can’t control that unless the A/C is on. :slight_smile:

Well, this happens at night also. In fact, all these pictures were taken around 9 pm.