What’s going wrong!

I’m a long time user of Wyze products,(2017!) and though the basic products continue to excel (indoor cameras), other adventures have been disappointing.

I recently purchased two home thermostats, one our new home and one for a vacation cabin we own in the mountains of NC.

First the cabin: I monitor the cabin with Wyze indoor cameras and that has been the case (positively) since 2017.

However, these thermostats have been a tremendous disappointment!

My cabin is maintained at 40 degrees in winter with a conventional thermostat and HVAV. A backup non-power dependent heat source set at 38 degrees is set as backup heat source in case of power failure

The Wyze thermostat has a minimum setting of 50 degrees (10 degrees higher!!!) which, if used, would be extremely costly maintaining that higher winter temp! Unacceptable!!

Now to my Fl house, I previously had a 3M electronic WiFi thermostat! I used the Auto setting and it maintained setpoint AUTOMATICALLY within +/- 2 degrees day and night. The new Wyze thermostat is also set to hold, but no matter my settings, it constantly switches to AWAY even though I have two slave sensors where my wife and I spent our time when not in bed!! The upshot is I am constantly (at least 2-3 times a day) having to reset the control to Home and drag the temp back to the range we set for comfort when home!!

I assume the Wyze is set for max efficiency and if no one is moving around, it appears to move to Away!! I’ve found no way to compensate for that programing!

So I have two units that are useless to my application and I will return to 3M.