Thermostat questions- pre purchase

Can you manually over ride a programed schedule easily from both the app and the wall unit?

Can you set a manual setting thereby overriding any programmed settings and have the unit hold it indefinetly. Other units I have looked at only hold a manual setting until the time of the next programmed setting. What I am getting at is that when I go away from the weekend I might want to set the cooling temp to 75 until I get back. Is this easily doable?

Yes. Changing the temp setting in the app or at the thermostat will override the current schedule time block setpoint, but only until the next scheduled time block setpoint triggers and changes it back to the scheduled setpoint.

Yes. Placing the unit in HOLD will essentially lock down all scheduled changes until it is taken out of HOLD. It will then wait for the next scheduled time block to acquire a new setpoint. This is a feature of the App. I was not successful at finding the hold feature within the Thermostat unit menu.

The HOLD feature can be programmed within the app for its own scheduled release point as well.

Very easily.