Does thermostat schedule override manual changes?

If I have a daily schedule set and someone changes the thermostat during the day, will it revert to the scheduled temperature ONLY when it reaches a new “block” in the schedule?

My question is whether the thermostat continually checks to see if the temperature remains within the schedule or only if it encounters a new block?

How often does it check the schedule?

The thermostat will only change the temperature again at the beginning of the next block UNLESS you have Auto Switch on. More on that later.

Say your schedule sets a cool temp of 79 at 5 PM. At 8 PM you turn it down to 78 manually. It will hold that 78 until the next scheduled block, say at 11 PM. Then it will switch to the 11 PM temp.

So with Auto Switch off, it overrides manual changes ONLY when it reaches a new “block” in the schedule.

If you have Auto Switch on, AND have both Home and Away blocks in your schedule, then the thermostat will automatically switch between the two when it perceives you are either at Home or Away.

For instance, if Home is currently up and you drive more than 3 miles from your house with your phone, it will automatically switch to Away. If it is in Away mode and you come home it will switch to Home. It will also switch to Home when you are away if the thermostat’s motion sensor goes off while you are gone. To stop that activity, simply turn Auto Switch to OFF.


Thanks for the quick response

I believe there is a limit of 6 blocks in a schedule. Is there a plan to add more?

Not that I am aware of. If you want such an enhancement to be considered, follow the instructions in the first link, then write up a nice explanation (with an example) and submit it to the Wishlist. Don’t forget to vote for your wishlist item when it gets approved!