When is the "NEW" thermostat app arriving?

They were suppose to give us REAL thermostat data usage nearly 3 years ago when it 1st came out ( or thats when I got mine at least) it didnt make it so then I was told it would be for last Heating season ( 2021), now here with 2022 heating starting in 1.5 months and still nothing.

What does the current Apx amount of hours tell us? Pretty much nothing. The number of times on/off and how long each run is would be a good start. Thats what a SMART thermostat does. Sadly I replaced a thermostat I installed in 1998 that gave more information than this one does. Looking at the graph, which is not accurate since it takes hours or a day to update, I cant tell how many hours it ran on a day. It is WAY too generalized. a gap showing somewhere between 4 and 9 hours?? I know my old thermostat would give me that and more. I knew that 1 hour of running would use 1 gallon of oil therefore I could have a very good idea when I needed to order more oil without the need to go check the tank, then reset the time on oil delivery. Also the "heat to xx in yy minutes " is a joke. mine will often say “in 1 minute” but 45 minutes later it turns off…
Soo Once again. When will this be updated? ( its not in the current app update)

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