Thermostat UI help

I got my thermostat and it’s working, however I’m a little confused with the app. I want to set a schedule that turns on the heater to 70* from 0630-0800 and then turns it off and stays off for the rest of the day.

Can someone give me a step by step walkthrough? I get the hold, on, auto etc but the scheduling I’m still learning. I figured out the plugs and bulbs but this one isn’t as user friendly.

Thanks and Merry Christmas

I guess you could create the Home setting at 0630 that is Heat to 70, then set it to Away at 0800. In the Away mode you could set the Heat to something low so it will not come on and Cool to something high so it will not come on. Then either remove the Sleep or set it the same as Away.

Thanks for the reply. I got it set and we’ll see if it works tomorrow morning