When are IR lights actually turn on? Motion? When someone is actively viewing?

I went into a room with a cam v2 in it earlier this evening and noticed the ring of IR lights around the front were on. I was under the impression that those only turned on when someone was actively viewing the camera. I picked up the cam (in a dark room) and looked at it and the IR lights clicked off immediately. To my knowledge, nobody was viewing the app at the time - nor should’ve been for some days.

Am I wrong about this? Or is that ring of lights always on? I’m a little creeped out. It was in a bedroom. It sure would be nice to be able to check login activity.

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The IR lights turn on when the camera “thinks” it’s too dark to have the normal color video. The lights will stay on until it’s light enough again even if the livestream isn’t being accessed or motion is being recorded.

The reflection of light may have caused this. It’s also possible that you accidentally unplugged or moved the micro USB connection to the camera causing it to turn off and possibly back on later.

It’s unlikely that the camera was hacked and if it was you wouldn’t figure it out by the IR lights turning off.

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Seems to be a common misconception that they are recording or activity lights.

Now to confuse the issue a little, the V3 cameras DO change the color of the status light (if it’s enabled) when the camera is being viewed. That is only on the V3.