What still works after canceling monitoring service

I’m trying to understand if I can cancel home monitoring and what will still work if I do. I have a legacy alarm system as well as a legacy home control system but I like the Wyze sensors - especially the leak sensors. I currently have leak sensors in various locations and I have rules that turn on a wyze plug if any leak is detected. The Wyze plug fires a relay that interfaces with my home control system to turn off the main water valve. This works great with the monitoring system in test mode.
If I cancel home monitoring will the rules still work? Will I be able to add more sensors in the future? I hate paying a monthly fee if I don’t need the monitoring service. I have been searching for an answer but I’m not sure what the correct answer is.
Any help greatly appreciated.



Rules and Notifications from the sensors will still work.

One word of warning before you cancel. Set up the sensor chime settings how you want first. If you want them to keep chiming, leave them on, if you don’t want them chiming when the contact sensor opens, turn the chime off. Once you cancel the subscription you can’t change it back unless you add the subscription again.

Other than that, you just lose whatever is in the monitoring tab…arming/disarming, monitoring, alarms, siren from the hub, anything with Noonlight, any settings in that tab.

You can still use your sensors in the home tab though. :+1:


Thanks for the quick reply. I’m not using any door and window sensors so I don’t think the chime thing is an issue.
The only other question is do I need to exit test mode before I cancel or does it make any difference?
Thanks again.

It makes no difference. :+1:

You’re welcome, Bob. Ask any time. :slight_smile:

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Thanks again. You guys are a great resource.

One additional note…

If you have any monitoring schedules set, be sure to delete them before you cancel. Those are saved on the server thru the Monitoring Tab - Home Monitoring Settings - Rules. These will not be cleared by canceling and will continue even though you have cancelled your subscription. However, once canceled, there is no way to get back into the Monitoring Tab without a new subscription to delete them or cancel a hub alarm caused by them.

This also applies to any Security Cameras you have designated that send you notifications thru the HMS settings and any sensors you have designated to trip an Environmental Monitoring Alarm (climate, leak). Once you cancel, there is no way of turning the alarms off or changing those settings using the app.

Got it. No monitoring schedules so I should be fine. Thanks.

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As a follow up, and directly related to the original question. Is there any future plan to give us full function to the security features (i.e., hardware, keypad and app notifications) without the 3rd party monitoring?

I too have an existing system without monitoring that I like. But I also have many Wyze cams that I also really like. I came here to see how I could install Wyze Security features without the monitoring, and it appears I cannot without giving up the keypad and perhaps a few other features. Sorry I had to ask, but it’s really important to me that I have that fully functional option from end to end.

Once all the HMS settings disappear from your account the TUNE option stop functioning completely. Makes no difference if they are set to on or not…no more chime.

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It has been reported that if the keypads are setup and functioning on a HMS with a subscription, that they continue to operate once the subscription is cancelled. It has also been reported that the Arming Schedules also continue to operate. The system will continue to operate locally as a “self monitored” security system and the local siren will alarm, however there will be no link to Noonlight. I haven’t read any feedback on the status of Alarm Push Notifications after cancelling the subscriptions but I would suspect these would also cease since they are initiated by the Wyze Server which would verify your subscription before sending them. Also unclear is how saved Rules with the new HMS Rules Triggers would react to a cancellation.

However, without the subscription to set these up, there is no way to access the Wyze App UI required to enter the monitoring settings, on duty and off duty sensors, alarm response, entry & exit delay, etc.

Once a subscription is cancelled, all prior settings become unreachable from the app. There is no way to Arm, Disarm, or Cancel and Alarm from the App. Only a previously installed keypad can accomplish these. You also loose the ability to modify the monitoring status of any sensor. The addition of new sensors cannot be included into the on duty list.

For a new hub without monitoring, you can install any sensor (motion, contact, leak, climate) to the hub (not to the HMS), configure push notifications for each individual sensor, and use the sensor status for each of the sensors within Wyze Rules to initiate automation routines. The contact and motion sensors can also be used within Alexa and IFTTT for Routines and Applets respectively.

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