What is friendly faces feature for?

I just noticed the friendly faces feature on my Android app. I trained it on my face, accidentally stored it as Other, and figured out how to relabel it as Family.

A day later, I still don’t know what it’s for. It doesn’t affect the way the camera reacts when I’m home or away.

I updated the firmware a day or two ago.

Currently you can sort videos by a face to just view events that have that face in them. You can also set up notifications to send a notification only when friendly faces are recognized on a certain camera and let you know who it saw.

In the future they plan to expand more features to use this. They have mentioned being able to tell it to “Arm” our system and not trigger alarms for our known friendly faces, only unknown ones, and maybe let us set up triggers for automations that react differently for different people, etc.

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