What I learned about using Wyze products

Hello all, just wanted to offer the following comments which some of you may find helpful.

  • Wyze products remain an awesome value for their price and capabilities!
  • Wyze products appear to have more technical requirements than other similar products.

Connection problems such as loss of connectivity after having been connected for some time, or inability to get reconnected without reboot can easily be related to WiFi router environments. An Asus router for example needs to have its “Airtime Fairness” feature turned off to avoid random loss of connectivity. Or a D-Link DIR-655 (older model) router may require camera hard-reboot to get reconnected. The takeaway here is that switching routers may be required.

Night Vision
I don’t believe I have seen any guidance on this, but to get the most night vision out of the Camera IR, it is good practice not to have any object near the camera face such as furniture surfaces or adjacent wall. IR seems to perform best when the camera is able to look out into a walled room. Night vision can be enhanced by installing IR flood lights for areas without walls etc.

Connection problems such as random bridge offline states have been found to be related to low current powering a camera when a bridge is attached, as may be the case of using an extended power cable with a low current rating or other < 1000mA USB charging block.

The take-away here is that while these types of scenarios may not affect other equipment of this type, Wyze products appear to be less tolerant and to get the best out of them, you may have to make adjustments.

Again these are just my experiences over the last several months and may be helpful to someone who doesn’t have the patience to learn all this before returning the product.

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Thanks for sharing. What Wyze products do you have?

Cameras, sensors, contacts & smartplugs

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That’s the full meal deal lol…