Connectivity issues and strange router messages, what does it mean?

So I am wondering if anyone can explain what is going on with wyze devices and my asus router. I know it isnt held just to my router as Ive seen other report it on other routers as well but this has been since the beginning and I dont think Ive ever seen a clear explanation of what is happening. All I know is that when it is seen it means I have almost zero video feed working from any of my cameras. When viewing the cameras in the wyze app they all come up as offline but when you go into the router all show connected but stranger yet there will be a couple of them with a number at the top right of their icon and when you hover that number you get a message to the effect of “X amount of clients are connection to (router) through this device”

Whenever I see this my devices are almost always all off/disconnected.

Just my educated guess here.

All WiFi access points have a limit as to the number of connections that the AP can support. My educated guess is that the AP is trying to handle more connections that it is able to handle.

A lot of consumer grade access points and routers (often the same box), have surprisingly small limits.

Note that routers also have connection limits.


Not sure thats the case here as this has been happening when my smart home was only a few devices to where it is now at like 150ish. Also I have a Asus AIMesh with 4 routers going and they seem to all split it pretty well. Main is the GT-AXE11000 with a RT-AX86U node, a RT-AC86U node and finally a RP-AX56 node. All running in ethernet backhaul on gigabit fiber connection. I currently show 141 devices connected. Whats odd is that this issue has only recently come back. I havent noticed it for a long long time and generally my cameras have been solid in their connection. I do not know what has changed. There have been no firmware updates or software updates, no new devices on my network. The weather has changed but I honestly cant think of much else.

also why is wyze the only device doing this? I have smart home products from all corners and all types but the wyze devices are the only ones doing this. Currently the only ones out of 142 devices and its only the cameras, not the switches, not the lights, etc

Well, I am not going to try to defend or explain away every thing you argue against the problem being a router device limit problem. But I agree with @K6CCC. It sound just like a router device limit problem. I know, I have had several. I am not going to give you the long walk down memory lane with all the versions and manufacturers I’ve been through for the past few years. But I have had at least 5 complete new systems. Nuff said about that.

I did a quick look to see if I could find the device limit on your model. I could not. But working to your disadvantage its a router not a mesh router system. And that is what you now need with the 141 devices. I have 154 on my WiFi. And I had to change mine to a ASUS ET8 mesh. Even with that, I had no control over “balancing” the devices so the closest physically to one of the satellites was connected. Until recently, I had not seen any manufacturer allow us to assign a device to a router. But my new TP-Link sys does. Hurrah!!

I am not going to beat up on your collection of 4 routers. That’s not going to help. And even though your AXE-11000 is part of the AiMesh family, even a 3 node ET8 does not assign the closest to a satellite. So, I find it difficult to believe even their own non-mesh AiMesh routers would either.

Again, I am not criticize your network. I think you should do this to help you understand. Find the max connection limit on each router. Then is any one showing persistent and non-persistent connections to the same router that is exceeding that count? There is where your problem likely lies.

I can add this. Of all my 154 devices as it grew the two manufacturer devices I had trouble with - kept falling off the network and showing offline was 1 Wyze V2 and V3 cameras, Sonoff Zigbee Contact and Motion Sensors and my Flic button hub. After researching routers with high device count and settling on the ASUS ET8 and set it up, the offline device problem stopped. I like to keep spare routers (now mesh router system) around as backup when something goes sketchy. I have the ASUS ET8, and TP-Link XE75. Playing around with the XE75, I stumbled on the feature that allows me to assign a device to a node. First one I have ever seen allowing that. And I have the Google Nest Pro WiFi on my second network. It allows little tweaking.

I’ll look into what the ASUS ET8 is but I had asked the number of devices question to asus support before and all though they wouldnt give me a set max limit they said that router , especially with the others I listed is more then enough. When I check like I mentioned they all seem to be sharing the count pretty well. I would say at most any one router has 40 devices connected to it.

Also what is meant by I’m not using a mesh system? All 4 devices are using AiMesh so I’m not following what youre trying to say but I want to. At the end there it sounds like you’re talking about binding. assigning a device so that it connects to the same node everytime no matter signal strength, or are you talking assigning IPs to each device instead of letting the router assign them?

Ive thought about trying to IP assignmentthing because I have had other issues in the past where the router log jsut kept spouting something about a device ip being in use or expire or something like that and I figure well If they each had a set one they wouldnt run into these issues but I’m sure something else would come from it and its a lot of work so I never tried.

Ah the ET8 is the ZenWifi - yes I have heard good things but I dont see why the GT-AXE11000 would be any less capable than the ET8. It boasts a lot of the same tech plus has more ram, and faster cpu speed. Even AX-86U has more ram. Which from what I’ve read seems to be one of the main specs to look for you are right in that I don’t really know. Can’t believe anything you read anymore on the internet and all though I went to school for networking that was 1999 networking. I don’t understand what half of the stuff is doing anymore lol.

subsequently I foregot to mention that the cameras are no longer displaying that number with that message. Nothing changed on my part just time moved on. I did add a few more devices this afternoon but I had already seen that they had gone back to normal and were connected again prior to that. For me I would say wyze is the biggest culprit of disconnects and then second would be switch-bot devices for me. I am having issues with my Hisense AC unit too disconnecting pretty often. My Govee, Smart Life (multiple different brands) all seem to always be solid never drop that I can tell.