I keep loosing connections

I have used Wyze since the first camera. They always worked great other than contact firmware update requests.

For months probably a year now. Nothing changes on my netork but number of Wyze items. They just check out. Either the “power plugs” or the “bulbs” or “the sensors”, etc. They will work then just stop (little cloud picture), Normally I have to re-pair them from my phone, ROYAL PAIN. A real pain as I told my wife how easy this would make our life easier and electric will be saved. Any solutions???

Powering and they do not log back in and re-conncet/dhcp.

All my computer/phone devices work fine. The cameras never seem to drop out either (other than power glitch; rare).

Waste of money for me now. Any solutions or clever re-sync ideas.

Not going to be a great set of answers. Sensors: I assume these are V1 sensors with the bridge in the camera. Power cycle the camera to re-establish connection. Plugs: Power cycle by unplugging them. Bulbs: Power cycle the bulbs, slowly.

These steps usually work. Adding them back to the app should be the last thing you want to do.

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Any distances over 50 feet becomes pretty iffy with barriers and other interfering devices, so central location of router and Sense Bridge V2 cam is preferred. Bulbs can be additionally affected by being enclosed in metal cans. Power cycle router and Sense Bridge V2 cam, but probably only a band-aid without reducing distances and interference. Maybe another V2 can host the sensors at least?

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Thanks for the information. I already power and pray. Then re-pair/setup. The sensors all finally died and I left them off. Out of site out of mind other than cash. I sold many people on Wyze, but good new was camera and power plugs. So good on the cameras. They seems to always work. Its not my network, I have also added Ui.com new stuff as well, and tried Cisco. Just throwing money at it now.

Thanks for the input. Funny thing sometime it will just come up and run for days. Why I do not think range is the issues and the fast there are not 2 IP cameras (geovision on the same IP now) and they are fine. Slowing moving away from Wyze. Sad, but need them work 100%.

The worst is the little things like the front porch lights (2 bulbs), back porch light (plug), fans in garage (plugs)… Simple, close to wifi, devices not turning on reliably. I have other I do not have on schedule that seem to always work. Tried of seening the broken cloud icon for sure.

Thanks to WildBill and Newshound for the info.