What happens to programmed schedule when WiFi is down?

Hi. I have programmed a schedule for my Wyze Plugs. Does anyone know what happens to that schedule when the WiFi is out? Does the plug stay stuck in whatever state it was in prior to loosing WiFi, or does it have some sort of local memory allowing it to keep switching ON and OFF as originally programmed? Thanks!

I’m reasonably sure the scheduled event fails. I believe that scheduled events are triggered by the Wyze servers and are not stored locally.

Thank you for the reply. Unfortunately, that is what I suspected also. Thank you for confirming.

You might want to run a test by disconnecting your plugs from the internet (turn off wifi briefly on your router) and have a scheduled event that would run during that time. You’d know for sure then.

Yes, good idea.

One of the things Wyze does to keep devices inexpensive is to keep schedules on servers so they don’t have to build that circuitry into every device. The only exception I can think of at the moment is the Floor Lamp.

So Wyze devices are dependent on an Internet connection to run schedules.