What does Wyze do with returns?

It’s a $20 item. Spending even 5 labor minutes on it must not be cost effective.

After reading so many threads on here that seem to end in “I’m sending them back” for various reasons I’m envisioning mounds of V2’s going to the dump.

How about offering them to us?
/EDIT -for a nominal price
/edit2 - or for the Pan it’s a $30 item
/edit3 - what does Amazon do with their returns? I just read a post that the poster could not downgrade his firmware because he didn’t have an SD card, so he is ending it back to Amazon.

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When I received one of my Wyze Pan Cam’s, it clearly had been used. No plastic over the lens, no instruction pamphlet, a dirty partial finger print…I was furious. Sent it back for a new one.

I couldn’t believe how obvious it was. But that’s just my experience. I’m sure there are others…if they caught it! The box was brand new though…I could see people not putting two and two together!

Where do you buy your stuff from?
Based on your statement
“Yeah they really should address this. Cheap doesn’t mean we didn’t pay. In fact the price has gone up on the Wyze Pan. I was pretty stunned!”
in another thread it’s not Wyze, since they hadn’t raised prices recently.

I shop on Amazon.

Hi @Yanyawa. I’ve noticed you’ve not had a good experience with your Wyze cams. I’m wondering if you contacted Wyze directly by submitting a support ticket to try to get your issues resolved? If you have a support ticket number that needs further attention, post the ticket number here and I can see if I can get someone from Wyze to respond directly.

A word about shopping on Amazon: Wyze has no control over what Amazon ships or what they do with the products after they have taken possession of inventory. Also, extreme caution is needed if purchasing from any third party sellers on Amazon. There have been cases of third parties shipping cameras that were advertised as Wyze Cams, but on arrival the user found that they are actually fake knock-offs with Chinese labels instead of genuine Wyze products. Wyze operates on very small margins which makes it very hard for any third party resellers to ship genuine new Wyze products and make any money.


Thanks for that information regarding Amazon. I was not aware of the specifics regarding Amazon’s process of selling Wyze Cams. Hearing that, is very scary because there seems to be no checks and balances or quality assurance and given the amount of people that shop on Amazon worldwide…oh boy!!

There was a time Amazon was very cautious about this type of stuff but since they’ve expanded, their quality has decreased and that concerns me. I still remember when Amazon didn’t sell third party items…aging myself a bit…lol!

Again thanks!

Here is my Wyze Ticket # (212233)

Thanks so much for offering to help. I really appreciate it.

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You’re welcome. I’ll pass this along and hopefully you’ll hear back early this week.


I’m sending your support ticket number up the food chain. Sorry to hear about the trouble you’re having with your Wyze Cam! We’ll help get this sorted out soon. :slight_smile:

Warehouse Deals maybe?

I’ve bought everything from a “Like New” rated adjustable toilet flapper to air conditioners from the venue.


One “Like New” available today. Maybe they’re starting slow, testing the benefit/detriment of redistributing returns.