Returns and Refunds

I returned camera and attachment
Paid $60.44 Returning all items within 5days
Wyze is refunding me $47.98
Did anyone else have an issue with returns??

I’ve only ever heard of them not refunding the shipping.

If you’re willing to post a screenshot of what you ordered (or write it all out), maybe we’ll have some other ideas to offer, but if you do so, please cover up any personal information (name, address, payment info, anything like that)…just what was ordered and cost, subtotal, shipping, taxes, overall total, etc.

I just returned a product not so long ago and I did made a follow-up via chat and in my case I was refunded with the amount that seems to be correct (i ordered more than one and only returned one). I advise you contact them. Chat is also good.

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Wyze Cam Pan v3 1 Pack 1 pcs $33.99
Cam Plus Monthly License
Billed every 1 Month
FREE 30-DAY TRIAL (-$2.99)
1 pcs $2.99
Wyze Cam USB Extension Cable - 20ft 2 pcs $15.98
Subtotal: $49.97
Shipping: $5.99
Tax: $4.48
Total: $60.44
they are refunding me $47.98

I did send them an email
But will also try chat.
I am supposed to send the package back tomorrow.

Wondering is anyone knows if I can drop package at their authorized dealer : Walmart or Target

Yeah, that doesn’t match up to anything I can figure out. I have a program that lets me enter in a bunch of numbers (I even split up the x2 on the USB cables) and then tell it to figure out how any combination of them can add up to any other number, and it said it’s not possible.

I am guessing someone made a mistake. I’m glad you contacted support. Keep us updated on what you hear back. I’d like to make sure this gets clarified. I can kind of understand if shipping wasn’t refunded (though I think it should be in order to make it a good return policy). I wondered if somehow they weren’t refunding taxes, but that doesn’t make sense because they can just adjust their bookkeeping for a return to have it act as a credit for future taxes. There is no reason not to refund taxes. And the remaining balance isn’t related to the free trial…even if we try to subtract out the shipping and taxes, it still leaves $1.99 that doesn’t make sense. I’m guessing it has to be a mistake.

I give up anyway…
I did send a message through Chat and that’s that.

I think, they are not charging for shipping both ways ($5.99 + another 5.99 for return shipping)
that comes close to $12…

I should have bought the items from Walmart or Target or Amazon and saved myself this issue.

Please know that the Shipping Fee is non-refundable and from our Return Policy, some shipping fees may apply for returned orders.
that is the response I got from Wyse… Anyway Case closed.
learned one good lesson. Never order online.
thanks to all that replied.

I am having a HORRIBLE time with this crappy company. I will post the incident separately.

not surprised at all… good luck

I am having difficulty with them offering gift cards instead of a refund to my method of payment. Still waiting for a refund to my credit card from July, 2023.