What does this icon or symbol in events mean

Hi – starting two days ago, all the events in my Wyze app (Android) started showing an icon that looks like an SD card, and inside the icon are what looks like mountains and the moon. I’ve searched but can’t find out what this icon is supposed to be telling me. Thanks for any answers. I wish Wyze would put a page up that explains the icons/symbols on various screens of the app. Screenshot attached.

It means it’s a photo or thumbnail. That’s the standard icon for pictures on most computers and mobile phones.


Thanks! Just figured out that it started on 3-14-22 when Cam Plus Lite was turned on or something. All my videos turned into thumbnails. I worked as a consultant for Apple BTW and am a professional photographer – if this is a standard icon, then I was stumped in this case.

Just follow these instructions to get Cam Plus Lite to restore your 12-sec video events instead of your current static images:

Textual instrictions: Cam Plus Lite FAQ

Video version with service explanation: [Old] How to Keep Your Cloud Video Recordings Free with Cam Plus Lite - YouTube


The picture icon on event thumbnails obscures the bottom left corner of the thumbnails, often blocking object motion coming into view, which is frustrating. Please remove it. Further - when swiping through enlarged event thumbnails, they often slide out of view, freeze small. or all goes dark. And your Cam Plus pop-ups keep freezing the App. Please fix these also… or is Marketing making you do it?