Icon on camera on the events page

On the events page, one camera has a small icon in the bottom left corner, looks like a mountain with a sun or moon rising…what does this mean???

can you post a snap shot of it?

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I think that is the icon indicating that the event is a Thumbnail Image rather than a video.



Not sure, but doesn’t that mean it is recording to SD Card? @nixnknox , do you have any of the Cam Plus Licenses?


Just confirmed that it indicates Imaged event saved. No Cam Plus or Cam Plus Light on camera. Or Cam Plus or Cam Plus Light not working on camera.

I have all my cams on CP so I get full length on all of them.

I just unassigned my garage cam from CP and triggered an event.

The no subscription thumbnail event shows with that icon to indicate it is an image only and not a video.

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Yep, that is what was said. No CP or CPL, it is an Image only event. If you have an SD Card, the event will be on that.

Thanks for doing this test. @nixnknox , does this answer your question?


Yea, that just means you need to sign up for cam plus lite. (Free)

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