Screen Icons

Where can I find the meaning for icons shown on each screen of Wyze app?

The support article needs to be updated to fit the current app layout. @WyzeGwendolyn please pass along to the team!
What symbol(s) are you asking about (include screenshot if possible)?

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I do not know how to provide a screen shot of Icon in question. I’ll look at youtube videos to find answers. Thanks for responding. Stay safe.

Can your device take a screen shot? Pull up the screen with the icon you want to know about and take a screen shot from your device if ya can. My pixel I just hold in my power button and the screen shot prompt shows up. On my Samsung tabA I hold in the power button and the home key,

What app version are you using?

The only icons can find right off the bat that arn’t labeled are the share, download and full screen icons on the screen when viewing an event video.

What is the icon that is next to the pencil :pencil2: icon? Looks like half of a wine glass.


That is the Filter icon. It allows you to refine the list of Events (cloud-stored videos) by device and/or type. For example, you have hundreds of Events for a given day and you want to see only recorded Events for a specific cam… tap the Filter icon, check the box for the desired cam, press the Show results button. The results list will now show only what you asked for instead of everything. Make sure you clear your filter when you’re done.


Thanks :blush:

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