Is there a reason I have 2 wyze apps on my phone?

I was turning notifications on for Samsung flow. When I seen 2 wyze apps installed on my Samsung 32a 5g. I went and looked for it on all apps but only found one. It’s not normal is it, can’t spyware be cloned to look like any other app,

Can you post a screenshot of the app icons?

It is possible to create many identical shortcut app icons for the Wyze app simply by dragging them from your app tray onto your home page. I just drug these onto one of my home pages :point_down:. (Mine say WyzeBeta because I am testing the newest Beta Release. The production app should just say Wyze)

There are also possibilities of seperate icons of you are testing hardware and a Forum icon on your home page that looks similar if you use the Forum Chrome App. If you long press the icon and press app info, you can see what the app is: