Wyze App icon missing from Home Screen

There are two users with access to our Wyze Cam. I am the administrator and I have updated all cameras/ firmware. My access to all Wyze Cams is normal.
The other user’s Wyze App icon has disappeared from their Home Screen. They can view the shared Wyze Cams by going to the App Store and selecting “Open”. We have reinstalled the Wyze App with no change it Icon visibility.

The Wyze app icon is probably just on another page. I often find it a page or two away, mostly when the old app is deleted first. Just drag it back to the Home page.

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The icon is not on another page.

Has happened more than once to me. But its not an Wyze app problem. Its happened to two other products on my iPhone. Its an Apple iOS issue.

I don’t remember exactly how I fixed it. But try this. Got to Setttings > Home Screen > and check to see the setting is "add to home screen’ Else new icon does not appear.

Setting is correct. - add to Home Screen is checked. The Wyze app icon has been present on users Home Screen since our first Wyze cam over a year ago.

With the help of Deadre on Wyze Support, I found the solution.
Swipe through all Home Screen icon windows until you get the “App Library” screen.
There I found the Wyze icon which I held down until it become “movable”, and I then copied it to the Home Screen of choice. Apparently the icon had been deleted inadvertently.

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Lost my wyxe cam app icon reinstall please