Seems to be stuck

Hi all,
New user here, complete novice.

When I open the Wyze app, I get an image of what the cam showed a few days ago.
At the bottom, there are icons for Home, Events, Monitoring, Shop, Account.

None of them get me anywhere where I can do anything, like setup.

I’ve tried ending the app, rebooting, but then when I come back into the app, I just get the same picture of the previous day.

Using Ipad.

Thanks for any help.

Welcome to the user-to-user forum. You did not say what you wanted to do that you were unable to do.

See that image - of what the cam showed a few days ago? Put your finger on it. Ta-Daaaaa :slight_smile:

That static image you see from a few days ago is just a ‘reference’ image to help you recognize the camera. Press it, and you go into the camera’s live view. Look to the upper right corner, and you will see a gear icon. That is the settings for that camera.

When you learn to group cameras you will press the group, which instead of a old static image will just have a couple of cameras in an icon (represents ‘group of cameras’). Then when you go into that, you will see live views of multiple cameras. You have to press one of those to find the settings icon for that individual camera. So just an extra layer to get there.

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Thanks so much guys, was driving me nuts. Told ya, novice here, both for Ipad and for Wyze.

I’ll probably be back… :grinning:

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Add the Youtube app to your iPad. Go to Youtube and type in iPad and Wyze and invest some time. Doing yourself a solid.

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Thanks Sam, I took a look and I see a wealth of info.

Will keep me busy for a few days!

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Welcome to the forums! I learned the app by just clicking everything I could. Find a new menu and start from the top and go right down the list to see what is there. Get to know the menu system and features. Enjoy!