Had a camera drop from my IOS app. How do I add it back if I am not near the camera?

I’m traveling and need to get a camera added back to the Wyze app, It apparently dropped from my iphones app for some unknown reason. Its still showing on a backup android phone I travel with, but not my phone I always have with me. Scratching my head… As this must be possible, right? -Bill

I’m not sure what you mean by “drop” from the app, but I assume you mean it simply doesn’t show up any more. If it’s showing on your Android device that indicates it’s still registered to your Wyze account and online.
Try the following, one at a time to see which works:

  • closing the IOS app and reloading it
  • from the app home screen: Account/AppSettings/Cache File Size/ Clear - you may have to do this a couple of times to completely clear them
  • deleting the app from your device and reinstalling it

If the device is offline for some reason and you don’t have it connected to power via a smart switch like a Wyze or other brand plug you will need physical access to Power Cycle it.

[Edit] : Wyze plug or not, if you don’t have your cams set up that way I highly recommend it. I have all mine on plugs and that has saved me numerous times while away from home!


Agreed. If it is accessible and works fine from the second phone then there is nothing wrong with the camera or the Wyze account.

Good advice.

We had just left on a 6 month RV trip. Never could get that v2 camera back into the Wyze app. It just disappeared from the app. But it was still up on the network at home the whole time. NRFPT -Bill

But you said

So it was on the network and working through the Wyze app. This still doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. It sounds as if your main phone’s installation was just hosed…

All the rest of the cameras are still there in the app and still viewable. I have 4 in the interior of the house when we travel. And 4 in the motorhome we travel in. The app install was “not” hosed. And from what I can tell, if it was and I reinstalled it, I would not be able to add the cameras back at the house back into the app until our 6 month trip was done.

But your other phone using the Wyze app on the very same account had no trouble seeing it? I’ve never heard of such an issue. Strange.

They are only on one phone. My DVR was still recording video from it and all the others.

Camera settings and all other account settings are stored on the Wyze servers and not locally on the phone. If you delete the app on your phone and reinstall all settings will be retrieved from the Wyze servers, theoretically including the missing camera, if it wasn’t somehow actually deleted from your account. Assume your are using RTSP firmware from your statement about recording.

? So what about the working Android phone you mentioned? And when did RTSP and a DVR come into the picture?

This was where I got DVR and probably RTSP…

Yes, I was sharing your surprise. :slight_smile:

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