Make a bigger notification icon

The Wyze icon is too small in the notification area on my Android phone. It is the word “WYZE” but it is very small.
I suggest using a picture of a Wyze Cam instead. Maybe add the letter “W” in it.

Redesign the notification icon, the contrast on most phones is poor and its very small and hard to read.

Smallest Notification Icon EVER!

Android notification icon - can barely see it

I’m over-40 and can barely see whatever the little icon is in the notification area on my Android phone when there are new events. One of these days I’ll get out a magnifying glass to have a close look at it. It looks like a little horizontal line with 2pt fonts.

Can this be changed to something that can be more easily read/recognized?

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“WYZE”. :slight_smile:

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Who came up with that as a notification icon? How about the V2 or outdoor camera icon instead???

No idea, been the icon as long as I have been a user.

Here is another wishlist item in the topic.

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Well my notifications would actually have to be working first… :frowning:

Smallest notification Icon EVER!

Is there a way to get a larger notification icon on on my Android Galaxy S9+ ? The one I get now appears to almost be a straight line?

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Could you send a screenshot, not sure exactly what your meaning. Thanks!

Unfortunately, no, screen capture does not capture Notification bar as far as I can tell. Do you have a way?

Oh, are you talking about a system icon, or the bell icon in the Wyze app? I don’t use android, so couldn’t help you if it’s a system icon. If it’s the Wyze bell icon try force closing the app

I figured it out

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You are right @Bobbert. Next to impossible to see unless you actually pull down the notification tray.

I have a Moto G. One of the larger screen Androids, and if I don’t have my cheaters on, I can’t see it.

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Fiddling around in my settings I did find a way to make the icon bigger, but it is a global Android setting and makes EVERYTHING bigger… Every icon and text descriptor on your phone. Really messes with the established layout\look & feel of the entire Android UI. :flushed::frowning:

Android system settings>Display>Advanced>Display Size>Slide the dot on the scale at the bottom of the screen to adjust the size.

I had to change it back. Too much disruption in the Force.


Maybe Wyze can change it to the Logo they use on their Merch. Hat, Hoodies etc. Here is the logo on the hat:


Thanks spamoni4 for the thought!

You know they just might, in perhaps 50-60 years. In other words don’t hold your breath!

Wyse moves slower than the pace of a snail. If at all.

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That’s perfect


Please adjust it. Thank you.

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