App icons?

In the android app, I see a person’s face in the area for a picture. It’s creepy - please remove it. thanks :slight_smile:

Can you show a screenshot?


Assuming you are talking about the pictures on the Home Screen where your cameras are, if so, the easiest thing to do is to simply stream the camera where the face is and then back out to the Home Page. The Thumbnail for the image will be replaced.


Go to Account > Application Settings and Clear Cache from there. It will be the first option. This will clear all Cached images. Then Log out of the App and Back in. The Images should be gone for all of your cameras, when you live stream the cameras, the thumbnail will be replaced.

If not, you may be talking about the single colored image at the bottom of the app where Shopping is, it is the only color one there. If so, these will change when promotions are running or when Wyze wants to promote something. So, it will change in time.

But, as @IEatBeans suggested, a screen shot of what you are seeing will help


Are you talking about the new icon on the Shop tab showing someone wearing a pair of headphones :headphones: which are the item on sale right now?


yes - that one.


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That icon will change occasionally depending on what sale will be going on. They are Wyze stock marketing images used to make the button stand out from the rest to let you know something is on sale in the in-app store.