Watch 47c Faces Changed In Android App

Tonight while gazing upon the many broken Wyze features and services I stumbled on to something. I tapped Edit to play with the faces. The thumbnails for my current watch faces all were refreshed inside the app. Previously, my chosen current faces were all from the default options available in the app. No custom photos ever. Well, after the refresh of thumbnails I have someone else’s background photos. I got a good laugh about it but someone might want to check in to this.

Of course I had to try the new watch faces bestowed on me, No luck. I was allowed to toggle between them in the app but the actual face on the watch would toggle between the three faces that I had previously uploaded to watch and not the new surprise faces.

We took your photo out for Community Guideline purposes but appreciate you posting it so we could send it to the team. Thank you for the report!

In the future, please send stuff like this to to get in touch with our security team. If there’s a vulnerability, it keeps other customers safer from bad actors. And it also gets you in contact with the best people to dig into the issue. :slightly_smiling_face:


This happened to me too on my wife’s watch. I opened the app and it had two watch faces with photos of dogs, but the middle one had a photo of a girl bent over with her big bare butt in the air. How on earth could these get into my wife’s app??

Is this a security problem? Please update us so we know our data isn’t being haxked!


I am sorry this happened to you and your wife, I am filling in for Gwendolyn while they are currently on leave. I would recommend contacting about this issue so they can look into it.

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