SD card icon for each camera on home screen

I have 12 V2s and will likely have more , ot all have sdcards and I forget which do.
i wish there was a little icon some where on the main screen that would indicate which have and are recording to sdcard.
When the app is opened it would have a little “card” icon integrated into the ON/OFF button.

It would be great when looking at all cameras, to see if a camera has an SD card inserted and readable.

An icon to the Right of the camera preview list.

Like no icon : no card
Icon : card inserted and OK
Icon crossed : card inserted but not readable.

I like this idea

Something along this idea.

Can you add some kind of indicator that the Wyze 3 cam is actually recording to sd card 24/7. As it is, there is no indication of it happening when you check livestream. I want some kind of confirmation that it
Is in record mode and actually recording 24/7.