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I didn’t realize my camera hadn’t the latest update nor been recording for a few months. So I got it started but I am wondering if I need to turn on the Recording icon on the homepage for it to be recording? I have it set to record events only but when I push the Recording icon on the home page the red light comes on and it starts counting down minutes so it appears that it is recording all the time. My question is: do I need to turn on the Recording icon when I have it set to record events only? Does the Record icon mean that the camera is on or recording? It has been so long since I originally set it up. I don’t remember. Thanks for your help

Most cameras feature the same or very similar recording systems. The difference would be the wco due to its battery power, and the doorbell which doesn’t have the sd card slot.

There are three ways to record footage with Wyze cams and the app:

  1. Local storage. This is the sd card in the camera itself. Though the sd card/advanced setting in the app/camera this can be enabled and record either event only or continuously to the card in the cam. No further input from the user is needed as this is now done automaticly until the user changes the settings. This footage is accessed by visiting the playback button on the cameras live view.
  2. cloud storage. This is set up through the event recording and detection settings in the app per camera. If enabled, will save a clip that is uploaded to the cloud. There is a free service which does 12 second recordings followed by a 5 min cool down, or camplus which is clips for the duration of motion. This is also done automatically with no continued input from the user unless you change the settings. These clips are viewed in the event tab of the app.
  3. The “record” button as seen on the menu on live view or playback. Once pressed, will save a clip to your device that you are using, phone, tablet etc, untill you off click record or close the screen. I use this for saving short clips to my phone from either live view or watching something back on playback. I do not use this for long periods as it will eat up my phone memory.

So if you have either the cloud storage or local storage set to events only, it should happen automaticly with no need to do anything from your end.

To finally answer your question directly, No. :slight_smile: unless you want to record whatever is happening to your device seperatly.


Thank you!

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Nope we use record all the time,then we can use the playback function