What did MFP say?

What did Mister Fancy Pants (MFP) say to the :raccoon:? I don’t speak :cat:


He said “dibs” because he was there first and was closer.

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He is always First and camps out there. :tent:

He’s smart.

You could always choose a food that cats don’t like but raccoons and possums like.
Or spray some smells that cats dislike that raccoons and possums don’t mind.

According to an AI, to deter cats but still attract raccoons and possums:

If you’re trying to feed raccoons or possums without attracting cats, you might consider offering fruits and vegetables, as these are less likely to be the primary choice for a cat, especially if they have access to their preferred food sources.

Scent Repellents: Use natural scent repellents like citrus peels, coffee grounds, or essential oils such as lemongrass, citronella, or eucalyptus to deter cats from entering your yard.

(note that cats are also deterred by other scents but some of them also deter possums or raccoons like spicy food)

To me, it looks like he’s at a critter laptop (with a portrait screen.) So he would be saying something to his social media followers…

probably you should build a outdoor place for MFP.
Cats usually have low chance of survival in the wild.
raccoon/ coyote could finish cat easily.

  • Pro-cat
  • Anti-cat
  • Cat-neutral
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you " forgot " to make possum poll.

He said “you think I’m funny?”

In the tradition of “you talkin’ to me?”


no, dummy, in the tradition of joe pesci. whoops. :slight_smile:

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I’m only allowed one poll per thread. :slight_smile:

More on the way , I think the girl is pregnant again. :astonished:
There are some young ones from the last batch running around here at night on their own. The good thing is the cats don’t bother them.


:laughing: Well you guys sure broke the skin on the anti-cat.


That should encourage others to be frank. :+1:



Poll cat! :grin:

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:rofl: I wondered if someone would say something. I would actually explain, but I think my explanation would border on or violate the guidelines. Suffice it to say that there are situations where “Anti” can potentially be used in a context that doesn’t necessarily mean agasinst/opposed/dislike. :slight_smile: So I am making a play on complex semantical gymnastics and using that to claim @Antonius really loves cats too while selecting the same choice. :joy: Besides, He since his daughter had a cute cat, he’s basically a cat grandpa…maybe a grumpy one though. :joy_cat:

He is kinda prickly. He don’t like his fur rubbed backward. :rofl:

@07w isn’t voting just to spite me because he thinks I’m a lobbyist. And because I got his screen name wrong, like, once. :roll_eyes:


Oh, I get this (maybe.) Looked it up, anyway. Very interesting.

[quote=“carverofchoice, post:14, topic:301410”]
@Antonius really loves cats too. “Loves” = tolerates :cat: (s).

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Oh wow, thanks for admitting you just skipped the honeymoon stage and went to full-blown long term marriage relationship love-level with cats! I knew you loved them! Pure love.

(It’s a joke, and in no way representative of my marriage…also, don’t tell my wife about the joke :rofl: )

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I like almost all kinds of critters, even snakes. When I played Golf today I saw may Turkey friend Thèrésia Turkey with three of her chicks, I haven’t seen her since last summer. She ran right over looking for some cracked corn snacks so I gave her a hand full. Maybe pictures tomorrow but the chicks are very small so it is questionable, don’t want her upset. :turkey:

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Do we have a John Daly in our midst?

I don’t have any of those :hibiscus: :sunflower: :rose: :blossom: :cherry_blossom: :bouquet: pants like John does and can only hit half the distance. :rofl: :golfing_man:

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