MFP doesn't share

MFP (Mr. Fancy Pants) is a selfish :black_cat: He wouldn’t share the short rib bone with Francisca Josephina Possum.


Hey, I would not want to share my ribs either. Yum!

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At least he was nice about it (for a cat). He didn’t even swat or anything, just made it clear not to try to steal it. :slight_smile:

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Cat doesn’t attack possum?

That cat and other cats that come by do not bother the possums and neither do the raccoons.
One of the cats did try to beat on one of the raccoons one night.

That’s crazy, most cats avoid them because raccoons can gut a cat with their claws.

The videos is on here someplace. I’ll try to find it.

***** April 26, 2022=Another cat that didn’t want to share with the :raccoon: :raccoon: (s)


Oh yeah, I remember that one. The raccoon kind of instigated it though

He was just saying Hi Kitty :grin:

Look who was here.

I wish :grin: I have hours and scores of Gigabytes of MFP sitting by my water container every night.

Just one example from the other day and same as last night.

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This is MFP’s theme song:


What would be the evolutionary advantage of two-toned cats? Why would The Great Selector select on that?

With swimming penguins, they say the black back and white belly helps camouflage them from predators above and below (respectively.)

With cats…? Why do cats need a white belly?

Maybe while they are in trees? :thinking:

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My :raccoon: :raccoon: :raccoon: :raccoon: gang has been anti-social for two weeks now. They don’t stop to get a drink of water or even put their paws in the water as usual, water is changed every day. I blame MFP because he sits there for hours. Last night it was from 8:28 PM until 05:37 this morning. Maybe the gang smells cat and just keep on moving along in a hurry. :thinking:

This would be an intriguing title for something. A little film, maybe. :thinking:

Just as long a MFP is not in it. :grin:

Look, I coined a term, and it acted like it was a thing. Very cagey to use flattery to seduce skeptics to adopt.


Maybe just in the credits as ‘Inspired by’. :slight_smile: