Weird Setup Sound (w / video)

I’m attempting to reset a Floodlight that had been acting weird, so cut power, deleted from the app. Once I went to go thru the setup process again I get this very weird experience (turn volume up). Any thoughts or guidance?

Either you have a power connection problem or your unit is defective. I’m leaning towards power connection. Cut power, unmount floodlight, disconnect wiring, redo the ground and wirenut connections (cut and strip insulation if necessary), make sure USB to cam connection is dry and not flooded.

If you still get flakey results, return/exchange from where you purchased or if from Wyze direct, call for a replacement:


Mine had this same problem after a week or two. I talked to tech support about it for a few days, and they offered to replace it, but the replacement was going to take 5 months, so I just exchanged it at the store instead and then everything works fine. It’s not your wiring that is at fault. It’s probably some electrical component like a capacitor inside the floodlight that is broken.