Power Cycling v3 Attached to Floodlight

I bought and hooked up my Floodlight on Saturday. Worked great for 2 days. Today the camera is showing a -90 error code. With all my other wyze cams I know I just need to unplug it. However I cant quite figure it out with the floodlight. I tried to turn the floodlight itself off, but that didnt impact the camera. I have another v3 plugged in and it is working fine. Just the v3 on the floodlight housing itself. Thoughts?

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Your best bet (and probably only option) is to flip the breaker for the floodlight. That’s the only way to power cycle the camera without unplugging it from the light. Unless, of course, you connected the floodlight to a switch…


I power cycled the camera by unplugging it from the floodlight.
There is a picture of the plug attached to the PIR censor in the link below.

Error can't adjust Wyze Cam Floodlight settings under accessories, error check wifi and unplug

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Thank you! @bigred Had the same issue and this helped me fix it!