Floodlight cameras giving error code 90

I installed a floodlight with the premounted camera and also added another via the USB power hub. All worked well for a time. First, the added camera went offline. I climbed the ladder to power cycle it and it returned to service after multiple attempts. Within a couple of hours the built in camera on the floodlight went off. I climbed back up and finally got it to come back on. Both worked for about an hour. Now both are offline again. The camera built in on the floodligh randomly recorded for two days last week and then went offline again. Both cameras have been showing as offline in the app for about 3 weeks. Through all of this the floodlights have continued to work as setup with the rules. All USB cables being used are original Wyze equipment that came with each item. Any ideas or help is appreciated.

Steps I have taken so far:
Powercycled the added camera.
Uninstalled and reinstalled both cameras multiple times.
Updated all firmware to latest available.

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Does the floodlight have a light switch?

If so you can just turn off the switch for a few seconds and then back on. If you don’t have a light switch connected to the junction box, you can reset it by the flipping the breaker to the junction box off and wait a few seconds and turn it back on to see if that’ll get the cameras back up instead of having to climb up every time to power cycle them

It does not have a switch that we have found. Also, the breaker box isn’t well labeled so that’s a crapshoot. Funny thing is that we lost power last Saturday night for over an hour and the cameras didn’t come back online after that.