Webview working on silk bowser?

is the silk browser not being supported with webviewer anymore?

As far as I know, it has always required Chrome.

I just grabbed my Fire Tablet and opened Silk Browser to test this and the Webview is working fine. I streamed my Pan Cam V3, My OG cams, a V3, a V2, Pan V1.

Note: I did not get any of my V3Pros to stream video on the Silk Browser when I tried it just now. However, I did get them to play audio when I unmuted them, so it was connecting to them and streaming the audio, but the video was frozen. I am not sure what is up with that. Could’ve been a temporary bug.

Silk Browser is based on Chrome (Chromium) so it should work pretty similar to Chrome in most ways, but Wyze seems to have mostly focussed on making Webview compatible with Chrome specifically, though they did add compatibility for Firefox a while back. It is possible that Amazon altered silk browser from the original Chromium in a way that is causing conflicts. It is hard to be sure.


I keep getting “page not responding” and am not sure if it is a silk thing or WebView
I have been using this for a long time and this is the first time I got this message