WebRTC for V3

We need WebRTC for Wyze V3!

This is highly needed for a latency free experince! It’s really weird that it’s not already implemented like on V2.

Vote here and help us get it quick!

It shouldn’t take devs more than 1-2 hours to make it happen since they already have everything done on V2.

Step up your game friends! :slight_smile:

totally, we need this

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Um, it’s not already?

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Well if it was, this thread wouldn’t exist :wink:

How could they be supporting the V3s in the new web viewer without WebRTC?

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Well that i don’t know. What i do know is that they have said that ”WebRTC is coming soon” since 1st of june.

And i can’t use it on my V3, like my friend can with his V2

So the answer is no, plain WebRTC is not available for V3.

TP-Link C100 has it, and i consider swap out all my cameras since i do need WebRTC for my current workflow.

Intrigued by that - how does he or she do that? I’ve never heard of Wyze officially supporting any independent access other than via their beta RTSP firmware…

instructions here

So then it DOES rely on the special Wyze RTSP (or Dafang) firmware?

Home Assistant custom component for viewing IP cameras RTSP stream in real time using WebRTC and MSE technology

If that’s the case, then perhaps it works fine with the new beta RTSP firmware for the V3?

I don’t understand why they made this change so long ago on the older cameras and not on the one they are currently making money off of? They must be running into issues…

When will WebRTC be implemented on Wyze cam V3?
Your older cameras have this implemented but not your new cameras???

I am developing an app which needs a “reasonable cost” WebRTC cam with low latency. Since I do not find any other camera which can do that, if you implement WebRTC on V3 you will have some free advertising.

Just found a nice open source WebRTC book.

See also


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