I searched through all of the roadmaps therads, and did not see one that discussed the idea of adding webHooks. Please merge this request if a similar one already exists.

I would love it if WYZE would add the ability to execute a http Post or Get call when specific triggers occurs. For example, when motion occurs, or smoke alarm is detected, etc… This would allow very easy integration with a wide variety of home automation systems. I use both Hubitat Elevation and SmartThings. Both of these are capable of exposing OAuth endpoints to allow events such as motion to be captured and automations triggered. I would guess that many other home automation platforms also expose these types of RESTful endpoints.

Ideally, when motion starts there would be an option to execute a http Post or Get call. Likewise, when motion ends, I would like to issue another http Post or Get call.

A lot of folks are asking for an Wyze Cam API, but I was thinking instead of building out a fully speced-out API that will take a lot of time and money, adding a webhook on motion events would be the simplest. It will spur a lot of 3rd party development. For me, I am looking to build more intelligent push notifications (e.g. face & image recognition and push notification with thumbnail)

Here’s how it will work:
On motion triggered, Wyze Cam will send a HTTP Post to Url of customer’s choice. Parameters include name of camera, time, and snapshot of the image.


Hows this going now that IFTTT is going to paid model?


It’s been over 4 years since OP.
Please, Wyze, integrate Webhooks with rules to make AI events much more useful.
At least add the AI events to IFTTT.
It is very frustrating to not have better support for these potentially very useful Wyze features.