Can the Wyze cams send GET/POST data to a web page?

I would like the option to be able to send a GET request to a web page so I can log it.

For example, web cam detects motion, then pings



Through IFTTT and a webhook.

Is there a way to point it to a page that isn’t IFTTT? That is, my own site?

I want to avoid using third party websites/software, such as IFTTT. I guess there is no way to send data to my own server without first passing through a commercial one?

Currently that is the only way I know of

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Thanks everyone! I may just go ahead and create an IFTTT account, but I’m a hard core DIY’er.

So am I so if you find another way let me know

If you want a log book of motion events, use IFTTT and Google Sheets. The trigger would be Wyze, Motion Is Detected and the action would be Google Sheets, Add Row To Spreadsheet.

You don’t have to set up anything else. Just open the sheet from your web browser when you want to see the log.