Web-View totally unreliable

I’m about ready to give up on trying to use Web-View for anything useful.

I bring it up, connect it to either of my compatible cameras, it works for a few minutes at the most, then drops out and reports “Camera didn’t connect”.

Switch to Events view and back again, then enable the camera’s view, it works again for a few minutes, then drops out.

Lather, rinse, repeat.

Any chance for a fix any time soon?


Still doing it, absolutely unreliable.

Any chance for a fix?

I don’t claim to have an answer, but which browser are you using?

I have tried Chrome (on Mac and Windows), Safari (on Mac), and Firefox (on WIndows). All of them show the problem.

I know FIrefox isn’t supported but it works no better and no worse than the other two.

I know the cameras work in FF. The only camera that doesn’t, for me, is the OG Telephoto

Have you checked the Security settings in FF?

And allow cookies, etc etc?

I haven’t particularly inspected the security settings for their effect on Wyze cameras. But, they work for a while, then complain about not being connected. This happens on all the browsers and both platforms. If a security setting was getting in the way, wouldn’t it disallow access altogether and not just “after a while”?

Try restarting each camera and see what happens

Then sign out and back in to the app

I am having the same issue. I wonder how they sold this garbage to Ruku. I have not made much more than about 10 minutes before it starts to lock up and usually only 6 or the 8 will work. Spinning wheel keeps on spinning.

They keep feeding the same BS lines… it’s in “Beta” mode and then keep directing us to their ‘B*tch list’ I mean wish list… to take the strain off of the customer service reps. Don’t get your hopes up any time soon because apparently they are only focused on making more money inventing new products rather than fixing the existing MAJOR issues and flaws with their current products and services. We’ve all been made a fool falling for their scam. I wish I would have done a lot more research with their products and services before getting stuck with hundreds of dollars worth of cameras and service fees. I would have ran when I realized the amount of BS everyone has been going through. I bet they don’t even take the time to read any of these forum posts. I hope they are enjoying all the millions of bucks they have made off of us suckers…

Karma is a b*tch Wyze!

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They aren’t even inventing new products. They are just taking already made junk and slapping their OS to it to make it proprietary to them. Therefore making you depend on them for updates, something that they have failed at over and over again.

Using Web-view is a painful experience. I’ve wasted a lot of time trying to get it to work. It’s very, very unreliable. I hate to say this, but I think it’s junk.