Lots of problems with the web view upgrade

Apparently on November 7th there was update to the Web View. I read that people liked this but I can’t figure out why. It has so many bugs. I can’t even shortcut the login page. It gives me an error if I try that. It loses the connection constantly and the “Reconnect” button is useless. If I’m lucky “refresh” will bring it back (Win 10, Edge browser).
Now I’ve added a new camera. The app sees it OK but Web view won’t. I signed up for paying another $20 for this camera (THAT was totally buggy) but still nothing after over 2 hours. I tried logging out and back in, refreshing, etc.
It really feels like no one QA’s this functionality. I would be interested in what Wyze’s QA test platforms cover. Doesn’t seem like this is being tested at all. Very frustrating.

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Many folks are feeling your pain. I started a thread 4 days ago and actually got a response from the person who heads up the “my.wyze.com” team (wyzeseth).

If you don’t want to wade through all the other responses, here’s what he had to say…

So for now I believe it’s just a waiting game.

They are working on it. Thanks for this update. It is appreciated.

And for those on Nest, they’re having their own set of problems with migration of functionality from their old website and app to their new cameras.
It’s been over 2 years of waiting.
And Google … Nest is a multi billion dollar company
So far much of the dropcam iPhone app functionality is still not available on their new cameras. And, Wyze colour night view is far superior to that from any of my old or new nest cameras. As well after over six or seven years of asking, we still don’t have Wi-Fi strength for the Nest cams in the app or on the camera.

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Thanks. I did a bunch of searching but didn’t find your thread. The issue is releasing software when not working and not fully tested. I ran QA on a database with 3000 users. We never pushed a new release until fully tested and always had a backup plan. If it’s crap, it should be reversed back to the old version.

On the Nest comment - I DON’T use Nest! Problems that another company might be having has nothing to do with Wyze and shouldn’t be brought up. If someone else says Nest is working, they only issue is that the connectivity issues are Wyze’s problems solely.