Web view service. no sound no downloading events. except when

As we all know, there is no sound when viewing live video thru Wyze Web View, not even on recorded events, EXCEPT when they are triggered by sound, then I can hear whats happening on that event AND download the video. Now that I know the sofware is capable of sound and downloading videos, why hasn´t these issued being resolved?


It’s a known issue that’s there’s no sound on webview. Not sure why it’s taking so long, but they are working on it. Note webview is in beta for these reasons, so bugs don’t get priority over other products

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How long has Web View been in beta ?

Since it was released as a public beta.


It’s finally here sound in web view

I’m not hearing any sound… I looked for and config setting within the view and all I see is the ability to mute or unmute sound… if I play the clip on my phone in the app I can hear sound.

Just signed up for Cam Plus for the web view feature. I tried on Safari & Chrome and have no sound. I only have sound on the app.