Web View Audio?

Why is there no audio during live Web View through my browser, yet there is audio on event playback? Strange as there’s a speaker icon that you can mute or unmute.


Because they haven’t fixed it yet and it’s considered beta.

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Here it is mid March and still no audio in web view. Sure would love to be able to hear when the baby is crying while I’m gaming. Any update?


Sound still not working in WebView. I too am trying use use this as a baby monitor. Updates?

A temp fix would be to use your phone at your desk, with the app open to that camera?.. I have an old Samsung Galaxy Note 8 that sits in front of my keyboard at my computer for that type of purpose, monitoring the camera of my choice.

If I were handing out “Beta” and “Alpha” designations, Wyze Web View would barely earn the “Alpha” Designation


Any updates here? This strikes me as a pretty key missing feature.


trivial functionality

over a year !..

Web View is still in beta and being worked on. It has not been over a year quite yet though as the beta of it started in November of 2021.

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Computer programmer here. Can you shed any light on why 7 months is not enough time to fix what seems like a pretty simple bug?

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First of all, Wyze staff do not monitor these forums, so it’s unlikely you’ll get a question like this answered. Since the web view Beta is not being run like a “normal” Beta, we are completely in the dark. A VP said it will be GA 4Q22, but…

I cannot honestly say I’ve seen any changes to web view in terms of requirements and it’s possible it’s one of those part time projects with one guy and a hamster. I’ve taken the web view issues up with Wyze directly, since it’s causing so much annoyance to customers.

Yes, it’s a Beta, but come on!

Jason from Wyze posted here just a month ago…

He’s one of the few. Unfortunately, even he seems light on details. A web based Beta really should have been interactive with a subset of the Cam+ customers providing specific feedback so the majority get an improved product - normally in weekly iterations. I know from Reddit that FF was being worked on, but I’ve no idea why the slow pace - presumably one person, part-time?

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I personally can not shed any light on that at this time. I will see if I can get any information.

Yeah it would be nice if I could hear audio while using web view, so I can know if my dad has fallen while around the corner, out of sight from the 2 cameras i’ve got setup over there… I signed up for CamPlus on 2 cams & I flashed the latest firmware today when I saw that this feature existed because I’d previously been using the old outdated (also beta) RTSP firmware - which was somewhat tedious to manage with multiple cameras, but at least it worked reliably & had sound… Now I’ve flashed the latest stock firmware, only to find out that the RTSP firmware has been discontinued and the download links for the firmware have been removed… Guess I’m stuck with webview now - hopefully the audio issue gets sorted out real soon, cuz I should probably start looking into other IP-cam manufacturers/solutions, for the sake of my dad’s health/safety at least lol. :upside_down_face:

@WyzeJasonJ any updates? Unfortunately I can’t log in to webview at all anymore. I just get stuck with the following after logging in and doing the robot check on Edge.

Full authentication is required to access this resourceunauthorized

So that’s a bummer. Maybe you can poke someone into looking at it? I use it daily even without sound…which is still pretty annoying. Thanks man.

Ryme - I get that a lot and it has to do with reCAPTCHA not synced to current login. I use a rotating VPN for privacy so my IP address and network routing change periodically and the WYZE login credentials may stick but the reCAPTCHA process is no longer authorized to the new network scenario.

Log out from view.wyze.com or close the tab, Flush the cache for *.wyze.com and login from scratch.
Sometimes the reCAPTCHA process requires a pop-up window for further authentication so make sure your browser doesn’t block pop-ups from the wyze.com domain. It should work again until there is another network change or disruption.

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So the audio was finally fixed shortly after my most recent post here… that lasted for about a month or so ? Then I got pushed a new firmware update for my v2 cams last night & they managed to break the audio on the webview stream once again… incredible.



Where’s our audio? Hello? Hello?
Is this thing on?

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New month, new bump. This would be such a big win to have. Please

I wish I understood this industry\technology better. I just don’t see how a function as fundamental as audio on a surveillance camera could remain nonfunctional for more than a year. There must be some explanation that I just cannot fathom.

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