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As I am not on here a lot I have seen it for two topics. The first was for the notification sounds for individual devices. The other was this topic. Here is a copy of what it says:

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Just tried 3 different browsers and the threat is still there. Oh well on with the rest of my life. I have other issues with wyze products I need to attend to. Have a nice day.

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If you want to compete with the incumbent Video Security products you will need to provide a method to display to a single screen. Preferably Windows but Linux app works

so now all my older cameras are saying no chip in camera even though they all have memory chips.
No playback available? Anyone else experiencing this ?

Amazing. Was able to login to my cams today on Wyze Web streamer. No longer setting off my antivirus. Wonder what happened or what the problem was. Whatever the case glad I can see them on my Web viewer. Was just about to give up and go back to NOX.

I don’t hear anything when using the Live Stream Webview. Toggling the mute/unmute doesn’t do anything. Help!

WebView is still in beta and currently sound does not work on WebView

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I love that this is in beta and I fully understand beta. But can we please not require us to login every 30min or so? That is SOOOO annoying. I just want to be able to watch my cameras and have it up all the time. The beta is almost unusable because of this.

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Hey Jason, just thought I would put in my two cents worth you become a very reliable source for information and I are for one really appreciate your effort

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I don’t have all the answers but I definitely try


Hi Jason,

I know many of us posted laundry lists of requirements, but could you possibly ask someone about the login issues? Lots of people are really tired with having to reauthenticate every 15 (?) minutes. If the developers could address that one issue, the community would be very grateful.


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Not sure if it’s a bug or just an issue on my end, but when I use the live stream web page, I can’t get sound to work at all. II use the speaker icon in the feed to turn the sound on, make sure my computer volume is up, and even checked that the sound is turned on for each of the cams in all of the possible spaces on the app. Still I get nothing. I’ve tested this on Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge and I have the same issue in each type of browser. Anyone else having issues with sound?

See above.


@trovere If you are using MS Edge on Windows you can go to Live stream - Wyze, login using your credentials and from the 3-dot menu select Apps, then “Install this site as an app” option and it will ask you where to create shortcuts (Start menu, Taskbar, Desktop).

From there, you can launch live view in what appears to be an app form on Windows. You would still be limited to the functionality provided by the web view, but it is a very clean experience.



I’m having a similar issue. The web view only shows events for the last few hours. The phone app shows all my events.

That is really useful! Thanks for the tip. If they would just fix the reauthenticate requirement every 15 minutes! I’ve asked them to focus on that as a priority and, as usual, we are ignored.

I just learned about View on PC/Browser last weel. I have 2 cams with Cam Plus, my Doorbell and 1 V3 cam. Last week, the first time I accessed Live Stream, the video opened right up and I was able to see a live view. Since then, the live view never opens up, just spins, and spins. I am able to view and play the events, although it doesn’t seem to have the whole days’ worth of events. But my main question is why can I not get the live stream anymore?

I had ZModo cameras that were hard wired before switching to Wyze. ZModo would allow me to view cameras in sets like 8,4 or 2. All streams were visible as soon as you accessed the screen. It would be nice if the PC/Browser view for Wyze could have the same functionality. I would like the screen to show my selection of camera sets or groups that I’ve configured with live view active for all of the cameras. I would like to be able to reorder the feed boxes so I could put the most important feeds at the top like driveway or front porch. Another feature that would be nice is to have a slide show of live feeds where one feed is shown full screen but it switches to each camera after a certain time like every 30 seconds. Just a few suggestions. Seems like right now the feeds take a long time to pull up and they freeze up after some time. I’m hoping as more releases come this gets better and better.


I also use ZModo and I like their interface. I also think Ring does a reasonable job. It would be useful if Wyze reviewed others web interfaces so as to improve and be better than them - fat chance of that happening!

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Apologies as this is stated a couple of hundred times in this thread, but FYI you can do most or all of that with Wyzecams and TinyCam on Android.

As the old farmer said, “she’s a work in progress”