Web view is []

Live view is ! Wish Wyze would not release product that won’t work. Beta my … Wyze live view is unreliable and pure crap!

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Ask for your money back,
Live view is well worth what I paid for it.


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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Agreed. :+1: I’m getting really fast load times, great image quality, and night vision better than the V3 on both my OG cams. Of the last three new cam releases, I feel the OG is not only the best deal, but the best performer as well.

But, without specific descriptions of the problems experienced rather than pejoratives and expletives, there isn’t much we can do to help. :man_shrugging:

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Live view on every browser , freezes and now way to know it is frozen. IOS app and Android app work great… the browser live view sucks. Simply use it and it becomes obvious. I have 9 Wyze cams and an unlimited subscription.
Does that help?

“Live View” is commonly used when describing the viewing from within the app. “Web View” is used to describe viewing from the internet website.

Since I only use my mobile to access my cams, I don’t use the Web View, only the app. I have dozens of cams on unlimited but don’t find Web View that useful because my phone has the app.

I am going to ask the Mods to retag your post and edit the title. It may get better visibility and more responses that way. A user here in the forum might have something useful.

@oldschoolrider , it would be helpful if you could provide information so that the community members can get a better understanding as to what issues you are experiencing. Also, it would help If you can also include what you have done to try and resolve your issues.

As you can tell, there are a number of individuals, me included, who aren’t experiencing issues. I have 14 cameras loaded in Live Web View and can stream a majority of them at one time. I have never tried to stream all 14, but have streamed 9 at one time. 9 is still far too much for me as I am most interested in a few of my outside cameras.

As noted, it is imperative to review the Community Guidelines and to be clear in what issues you may be having. It is also a good idea to post any ticket numbers and logs you may have received if you reached out to Wyze for Support.