Web View Events Not Loading

Hi all. Just wanted to log the fact that I tried Web View today but the events are not loading for any day despite having a Premium account (Cam Plus). Not sure if this is a similar experience for others too?

Are you getting the black screen with the error message in the middle? Are you able to get any events to play at all? Do they play in the app?

I also just tried the live stream in Wyze web view. I was able to view the cameras, but the live stream only lasts about 5 seconds. I had to refresh the page each time just to see a 5 second live stream. Unfortunately, thats not too helpful.

First. I can see the web view on a PC, not all cameras load up some need you to click on the arrow. And of those I can get a spinning wheel. I’ve had at least 1 or 2 cameras that just never load. But they are working fine on the phone.

Second. When they announced that you were able to see it on a smart TV. I had questions, contacted support got no real answers.

Does it support Roku? Does it support Firestick? Does it support Chromecast? How do I get it to work on a Roku tv? On a firestick? On a Chromecast?

The ONLY answer I got was “It looks like you need to link the device on Alexa and command to view the Wyze camera’s video on your smart devices. Webview works on browsers on your smart devices, just use this link: Live stream - Wyze”. She didn’t give me anymore information than that. So I’m guessing she didn’t know, either.

Just how helpful is that? :roll_eyes:

Everything is already linked to Alexa. So I asked Alexa to show Wyze Web View on Roku TV - nothing. Asked Alexa to show Wyze Web View on firestick - nothing. Asked Alexa to show Wyze Web View on Chromecast - nothing. Did try variations of the words.

Next went into firestick /my apps/internet. After typing in that very long URL, then logging in (more tedious scrolling and clicking), I got it to show but some of the cameras wouldn’t load. They are running fine on the phone and on Tinycam.

Unless this is made simpler (a dedicated app) this is too much work just to show the cameras on the TV in any form. And OMG what if I close the firestick internet or turn off the TV, would I have to start over :scream::face_with_spiral_eyes::tired_face:?

I’ll stick with Tinycam.