Web View - Captcha has to go or I will

You have to get rid of that captcha. I cannot go through that every time I need to access your site or cameras on your new web view!! I will have to quit supporting Wyze even thought I don’t want to.

Another option would be to remove Captcha if you enable MFA (Google Authenticator)


WYZE developers just need to update their recaptcha to V3. Then you won’t even see that click the box … select the crosswalks/dogs/etc crap. You’ll just see a recaptcha icon in the lower part of the screen.


Fascinating, thanks for that info.


PLEASE do this wyze :slight_smile:

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Wyze Website (Beta) RECAPTCHA test

Why the RECAPTCHA? Remove it. The Wyze login @ auth.wyze is NOT good. Constantly glitchy and proven to be inconsistent, often requiring me to redirect myself to view.wyze. This is unnecessary.

Stop [Mod Edit]. Fix your [Mod Edit] website.

NO CAPTCHA at the beginning. Pointless and doesn’t even work. CAPTCHA fails everytime.

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