Web View - Captcha has to go or I will

You have to get rid of that captcha. I cannot go through that every time I need to access your site or cameras on your new web view!! I will have to quit supporting Wyze even thought I don’t want to.

Another option would be to remove Captcha if you enable MFA (Google Authenticator)


WYZE developers just need to update their recaptcha to V3. Then you won’t even see that click the box … select the crosswalks/dogs/etc crap. You’ll just see a recaptcha icon in the lower part of the screen.


Fascinating, thanks for that info.


PLEASE do this wyze :slight_smile:

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Wyze Website (Beta) RECAPTCHA test

Why the RECAPTCHA? Remove it. The Wyze login @ auth.wyze is NOT good. Constantly glitchy and proven to be inconsistent, often requiring me to redirect myself to view.wyze. This is unnecessary.

Stop [Mod Edit]. Fix your [Mod Edit] website.

NO CAPTCHA at the beginning. Pointless and doesn’t even work. CAPTCHA fails everytime.

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Can we please stop with the excessive captcha?

I have to do a captcha multiple times everyday for the web browser live stream. If my internet is slow it’s even worse, I constantly get logged out and forced to do the captcha again and again. Also the site likes to just randomly log me out for no reason what so ever because my internet is often times running perfectly fine when the site decides to randomly log me out and force me to do another captcha!

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I’m not a fan of the frequent captcha or 2FA’s either.

In fact, in order to avoid having to do these extra steps, I now log in to my Wyze account on the Web browser using the Google Passport instead of my Wyze credentials because it lets me skip all the other verification stuff.

One concern I would have about them removing captcha is that it could make it easier for Credential stuffing hackers to attempt brute force attacks.

I think a good compromise would be for them to do something like where, if we have successfully logged in through our device (phone/computer) already, then they no longer need to keep doing the captcha for that device, at least not for a few weeks or maybe a certain number of logins (unless a login attempt fails, then require it again). That would make it a lot more convenient.


“We don’t need no stinkin’ captcha.”

Captcha is an annoyance to users for sure. AI training should be able to get past it many times too with that being available today so its value is dropping anyway.

Its not without flaws in whatever case as its changed over the years as flaws were found . Its not really a great way to solve the issue.

Just because its made and can mitigate something doesn’t mean its worth using.

But, if one is having a problem and needs to throw everything at it, then go for using it lol :sweat_smile:

Seriously, this is getting ridiculous! How many of these things do I have to do before the site allows me to log in?!

I had that happen yesterday and I had to go through three different screens. :astonished: