Im not a robot captcha

OK once is enough for logging into my camera for the Capcha robot question. Then on it shouldl remember me. How many cameras are in this picture?

I used to get that. The last time I was asked to prove I’m not a robot…I cut myself. Haven’t been bothered since!

Welcome to the forums! For clarity, where are you seeing this? Under the live webview login or where? Providing as much info right off the bat will help conversation about your topic of discussion. Thanks in advance!


It’s a known issue with the web view Beta feature. Indeed, there are tons of bug and requirement posts, However, you need to be aware that, for some strange reason, the Beta Forum is only user-to-user and is not monitored by Wyze Staff.

I am trying to address this oversight by talking directly to Wyze to see if they could do better.


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