Please fix the the CAPTCHA problem when trying to log into the WYZE website!

Something appears to be broken on your end. I tried logging into your website with my WYZE account and getting the following error. I am using the most current version of Chrome, just as I always have. Also, note that I am supposedly logged in even after this error pops up because I can check my account information and also post to the forum. This problem apparently started today. Honestly, if you can get rid of the the CAPTCHA, that would even be better. It’s annoying to keep clicking on fire hydrants, crosswalks, traffic lights, etc. How about 2-factor authentication? See error below:

Could not connect to the reCAPTCHA service.

Please check your internet connection and reload to get a reCAPTCHA challenge.

The forums are not part of Wyze Support. It’s unlikely they will know anything about your post unless you contact support directly.

Usually when I have captcha problems it’s due to me using a VPN or TOR. For some reason captcha has problems on some sites that way. I am not saying you’re using a VPN or TOR, but if most people aren’t having this problem, then there should be something you can do on your end to fix it… Maybe clear the cache or something.

I’m so frustrated with Wyze I’m about to cancel my account. There is no phone number or any way to contact a HUMAN! I try to log in and nothing happens after entering my email and password. I tried to respond to an email about Personal Detection and it says I have an invalid Captcha when no captcha was offered. I tried to send an email and it said it couldn’t be sent but doesn’t say why. I signed up for Personal Detection 2 weeks ago and get another email that I’m not signed up and today is the deadline. How in the hell is anyone supposed to get help when you can’t get any response! I can’t even get into my account to cancel my subscription. What a hassle. The perverbablel catch 22. I will be cancelling my credit card payments.

If you want to verify that you are signed up log into the page and double check. I think the email kept going to everyone eligible even if they had signed up (I could be wrong about that, its just a guess)

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Captcha is absolutely the WORST. 5 minutes later I can post my support issue.

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Completely stuck trying to order person recognition. I can’t log in because reCaptcha isn’t working. Using Chrome, up to date, VPN off. ReCaptcha won’t produce a challenge.

So much for that, I guess. Yes, I waited until the last minute.

But, wait! There’s more! I can’t send an email to support, either. I tried three times and just get a swirly hot mess of nothing.

Yeah, support is pretty much “invisible”. I hate to be critical of WYZE, but for a company that is very forward-thinking and on the “bleeding edge” of technology, using an old security trick like CAPTCHA, kinda goes against the grain with their philosophies. Two-factor authentication is kind of the norm these days, and I wish they would replace CAPTCHA with 2FA. I love their products, I love their ideas, but it’s not cool for them to be so unreachable when they should be offering top-notch support for their creations. It’s like they’re producing all this great stuff first and then saying “we’ll worry about support” after the fact. Not the best strategy IMO. Does anyone know if anyone on the top floor even reads our posts?

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It’s also annoying that I am denied access to the website unless I disable my VPN. What’s that about?

any luck with this? i havent been able to log into my wyze app on iphone for a couple months now. first it was happeing on my 14pro max. I even bought a brand new 15 pro max and i am getting the same results. after uninstalling and reinstalling the app. after attempting to clear browser cache and even switch to different browsers. everything fails. i still get “recaptcha failed”. However, I have no problem logging in with my iPad. Any iPad, really. No issue - also the website allows me to log in no problem. Just cant get in with my iphone. What is going on!

Bots Better, Faster Than Humans at Cracking Captcha Tests With Nearly 100% Accuracy

Captcha is better at preventing humans to login than Bots :wink:


This is still a problem. I am locked out of my cams because of this issue.

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June 2024: my Dad is suddenly unable to log in the Wyze app on his Android phone.
I have uninstalled/reinstalled the app but it keeps on failing on the credentials screen with a Re-Captcha error :thinking:
How can I fix this please?

If you couldn’t wait? Switch company :thinking:

If I couldn’t wait for what?!
Sorry, I didn’t get your answer :neutral_face:

If you are connecting through a VPN try it without, also if you have DNS redirected for security try connecting through Google at

I found that allied me to get connected after a lot of trial and error.

I hope you get it sorted out.

Ok, I got it.
My Dad has a Redmi smartphone and for some reason, when launching the Wyze app, he was redirected to the Wyze website on the Mi Browser app.
I uninstalled this Mi Browser app to force a redirection to Chrome instead where I was able to successfully login and the Wyze app did open at last.
I have no idea what caused this captcha issue to start with but it’s working again!
Thank you for your suggestions though.