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When I arm mine with a door open it does say “sensor is open”… it’s a verbal warning from the keypad

@Beeby Yes, although there is a verbal cue that states sensor is open, it doesn’t state which one… In once way, I think the assumption is that you are aware of what sensor you left opened and plan to leave it open when you are leaving the house or even arming when staying in the house… so in a way, maybe Wyze is assuming that you have pre-planned for that sensor t be in the “open” state when arming and all they are doing is verbally reminding you…

However, I also think that @marcello has a good point in that the system shouldn’t necessarily allow you to arm (home or away) unless all sensors are closed,… OR perhaps the user should have to do something on the keypad to confirm that you are aware that a sensor is left open and you are trying to arm the system…

Totally agree.
In my case the keypad does NOT issue a verbal warning that a sensor is open. Only the hub does. My second keypad is pretty far away from the hub and you cannot hear the hub’s warning. So I still believe the warning message about open sensors should be played on the keypad.

Yes absolutely… currently, you have to be within an earshot of the Wyze home Monitoring Hub in order to hear that voice of of an open sensor… Wyze should make it so that it gets announce thru the keypad(s) as well… (And make it so that you have to enter or do something to confirm that you are aware of the open sensor(s)…

Hopefully all these items can be enabled thru future firmware/software updates…

There is one thing that helps a bit: If you have Google Assistant/Google Home AND if you named your sensors “Xyz Door” then you can say “Hey Google - Are any sensors open?” and Google will reply with “Marcello’s office Door is open. X sensors are closed”.
So if you ask Google before arming the system you will at least know right away if anything is open and if so which sensor.

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Looks like 1 and 3 on my list are planned to be addressed (Silent Delays and Entry Chimes). :grinning:

The functionality doesn’t appear to yet be enabled because when I switch toggles, nothing changes in behavior, but glad to see this is coming down the pipeline.

Before I found this, my HMS wouldn’t switch modes. I ended up having to completely remove every device and setup HMS from scratch. After that I could switch modes again, but I also found these new settings. Tune Settings was a new menu item that disappears after the page fully loads, but I could get to it if I clicked in before the page fully loaded. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Yes, those features are both in beta testing, but I would STRONGLY recommend AGAINST getting the new beta firmware for the hub. It has a lot of bugs they need to fix first…especially if you use any V1 sensors on your hub (V1’s on the new hub firmware seem to be causing some people a weird bug to occur, so they’re apparently looking into it). Otherwise, the new features are pretty cool, though currently there is only a single chime available. I am hoping they will eventually enable multiple chimes to select from so we can tell the difference between which sensor is opening, rather than the chime telling you just that one of a number of possible sensors opened, but you don’t know which one. I’d love to set a different chime for Windows, and a separate chime for the Front Door vs the back door vs the garage door. But It is still really exciting to have a chime at all.

If you don’t have any V1 sensors, then the new beta firmware seems to work for most everyone with only V2’s as far as we can tell, so you could sign up for Beta and have it working now. It even works okay for a few people with V1’s. I’d still probably recommend waiting until the public release, but I can confirm they are pretty nice features and am grateful they’ve been working on doing this. :slight_smile:

That might explain the weird behavior I experienced. I’m running so I don’t think I’m on beta, but I did have Sense V1 assigned. Enjoy the beta! I will wait for public launch. :wink:

Can you share whether Geofencing is also in the beta?

I’d like to have the system turn on lights at night if an alarm is triggered. Just specific ones I select. That might help to deter an intruder.

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Where you see “Tune settings” ? I m not able to find it

Yes, this is being actively worked on and one step of it is currently in public beta testing (so we’re all free to discuss it as there is no NDA).

They haven’t linked geo-fencing to the HMS yet, but they said it is being worked on and will be released soon.

I tested out the new geo-fencing with turning some things on and off already based on whether I was home or away. That was pretty cool. I am hoping they will expand it to also track my wife’s and daughter’s phones so we can have things happen based on whether everyone is gone or anyone home, not just based on my phone… But it’s an exciting first step and a cool thing to have. I look forward to their continued progress with it!

It’s in the Home Monitoring Settings directly under Hub Settings. It disappears for me, but I can see it and click in before the page fully loads.

Awesome! Thanks for the update @carverofchoice.

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I wonder when critical alerts on iOS are going to finally start working…

@Newshound I just installed my motion sensor that arrived with my home monitoring starter kit and don’t recall seeing this advice or illustration in the documentation that came with it - since my 25 pound terrier keeps trigger it, I will try repositioning in this way. Thanks for sharing!

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Hey friends,

Our teams have been actively reading and building upon everything that’s been discussed here so far. We’re excited to continue making Wyze Home Monitoring even better as time goes on.

As our thanks, we’ve randomly selected five responses to win a year of Wyze Home Monitoring Service on us! Congratulations to the following winners: @CherGal @saeefamily4 @Beeby @ntropy21 @Bmax :tada:

Thanks for sharing your thoughts and feedback about HMS with us, everyone! We appreciate you all for being part of the Wyze Community.


Thank you for posting the results.

I do in fact believe that the results were randomly selected since at least one of those selections wasn’t even really about the HMS as was requested :slight_smile: Though honestly that totally lends credibility to the fact that who was picked and “won” was indeed fairly random, so thank you for your follow-through! We appreciate you reading through the suggestions and working on many of them, that was the main point of our participation here, and with some of the recent changes, and things in development it seems like a positive success.

If I can add input it would be to create a water proof sensor for like a bathroom window, I have 2 bathrooms, 1 has a window. Maybe the V2 door/windows sensor can just be modified with a gasket. It’s the only area where wyze slipped with home monitoring. I know is been said but we need to be able to share the system with another person/spouse. Even with the countdown and deactivating it noonlight still freaks out and start texting and calling while I’m at work, can’t be paying attention constantly to deactivate the alarm when each of my family members arrive.:person_facepalming:

Thanks to Wyze for this giveaway and for the genuine interest in our opinions about the home security system. We all appreciate the opportunity to share our feedback and to see the system improve because of it. Wyze is a great company with great products and a huge future.

Thank you!