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This is a big “hole” in their security design. Each sensor setup window needs to have a switch to select “Immediate Alarm”. Please up-vote this feature here… Home Monitoring Option to set entry delay individually for each sensor


I was so happy to see the response time from Noonlight when I accidentally triggered my alarm. So quick. They are much faster than my previous system the I had, That orange logo company that sells solar :blush: Does anyone know if Noonlight text from the same number, so we can save the number and set a special sound to it’s notification?

Wyze Home Monitoring needs an Apple Watch app to allow for mode changes, alarm responses, and critical notifications.

I understand there are a couple Wish List threads about an Apple Watch app. And while many other features in the watch app would be ideal, at the very least there should be HMS control. In fact, I would argue this should be a separate app from an app that might show cameras, etc.

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Silent beeps please!

in addition to adding more delay options under 30s for exit or entry when arming the system, having an option to silence beeps seems very necessary. for now i set my delay to 0s to avoid the beeps because of how annoying it is when arming the home function. that works fine when i’m sitting at home ready to go to bed, but i’m the first one to leave in the morning at 5am everyday. i have to wait until i exit the house to rearm the home function for the safety of my wife and kids. really annoying and frankly unreliable, because my first inclination when getting into my car isnt to pull out my phone, its to get my ass to work on time.

I’ll 2nd that. Those beeps are horrible. Arming home should be silent, AWAY can have whatever sound because everyone is leaving and only hears it for a few seconds when going out the door. I had RING before and it was great about that. If some of these issues don’t get fixed ASAP, I’m going back to RING. Ring could be glitchy from time to time but is fully featured and well thought out. The majority of the issues with the Wyze system wouldn’t have made it more expensive, it just needs better software/app with more of the common DIY security features. I’ve had Vivint, Ring, ADT, etc. this is the first home security app I’ve had that was missing so many of the common features/options. I’m actually really disappointed for how long I waited to get this.

Here are my big ones:

  1. Have the ability for the keypad’s to count down / beep during arming / disarming. My base station is in my living room, but I leave through my sunroom which is on the other end of my house and I can’t hear the base station beep from there.

  2. The flow on the keypad is a little weird. The need to hit the check button between the pin and the function is just goofy. I will also say in the few days I’ve had my system operational, the keypad seems to be slow / not recognize all my inputs.

  3. Multiple pins / users! I need the ability setup other pin codes, for like my house sitter / etc. I chose a different pin then the original one I wanted to use, cus I know I will have to give it to my house sitter here in a little bit when I travel. And now he has to remember a random 4-digit code (or worse he will write it down somewhere!). EDIT: After reading the summary of the AMA for Home Monitoring, it appears this is coming which I’m glad to see.

And my last one is more a general item. If you’re gonna put an ethernet port on something, allow it to power the device over PoE (Power over Ethernet). It would simplify my ability to power everything from my PoE switch and help cut down on the rats nest of cables!


Nice feedback, I’d love to have the keypad make more noise as well.

I know it’s not proper PoE, but a splitter like this can let you power your hub with just an Ethernet cable and no power cable: Amazon.com


I actually just ordered two earlier this morning. Maybe a Wyze branded version in white (so my OCD can be quite) would be a nice “accessory”. I’m sure PoE is probably more of an edge case, but it is seeing wider adoption in this day and age, so it would be nice instead of another USB wall wort.

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Also one last criticism of the base station, I was surprised to see there was no way to wall mount it & that the antennas only allow a quarter / 90 deg turn and not 180 deg.

#3 works for me.
WHEN ‘Front Door’ (what I named my front door sensor) is open
Schedule = ANYTIME
ALEXA WILL: say “Front door open!”

Sorry mr.ohaver are you saying this will work, or it is the way you would like it to work?

That’s how it works for me.


Change the Armed and Disarmed Push notifications to say the exact time ARMED/DISARMED occurred just like the cameras do for their event notifications (see images below). Currently, in Android 11, if the armed or disarmed status occurs without a bunch of other event notifications to force them all to be grouped, it won’t even tell me how long ago that event occurred. If a bunch of Wyze event notifications accumulate, then it will group them all together and tell me how long ago the HMS was armed or disarmed, but not if there were weren’t enough other events. Here are some examples to show you the difference:

Make sure the notifications show exactly when (what time or how long ago) the arming or disarming happened. For example, if you look at this screenshot you will see it simply says it was disarmed, but not how long ago:



Also, notice how the Person Detected notification tells me exactly what time a person was detected. The armed or disarmed notification should include this as well. It should say: “Home was set to armed Home at XX:XX AM/PM” or something like that.

Second idea/suggestion:


Currently, there is a customized entry delay, wherein the intruder has X seconds to enter the disarm code before the alarm goes off and calls Noonlight. I don’t have a problem with that, it makes sense. HOWEVER, when armed it should always tell us immediately whenever any sensor is tripped, and which sensor. Then send a full alarm if it is not disarmed in time. This will ensure we are notified quickly, not a minute or 2 later after the entry delay times out. The entry delay should only be for delaying contact to Noonlight, not delaying contacting the owner.
I know we can set up notification rules so the sensor will send a notification every time, but that can be a hassle if we only want that active whenever things are armed and muted when it’s disarmed. I guess this goes along with other requests to allow rules for linking things to status of armed or disarmed…and though I think it should just be a single easy to select option in the HMS, I suppose I am willing to take the time make my own rule for each individual sensor if I have to. I think it would be a much better easy toggle in the HMS settings to just turn on notifications for every HMS sensor and turn them off automatically too with the status. The average consumer will never create their own rules, but they would use it if you made it an easy toggle setting.

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What is your rational for your second idea? why would you want priority notifications to be sent every time a resident in your house comes in and disarms the alarm? If I’m at work with Do Not disturb, I certainly would be pissed if my cell phone rings only because my partner or son came home. IMHO the only case when a notification deserves “priority” is when a true alarm was triggered.

The rationale is because the way it works now, someone can enter my house and do whatever they want for 1-2 minutes before it ever tells me that someone broke in. In fact, that person can probably break into the house, and the Entry delay beeping lets them follow the sound right to the hub, where they can then break the hub so it is incapable of sending the alarm to Noonlight (or me), and then they’re free to do whatever they want because the system told on itself where to find it and what to break before the siren goes off.

On the other hand, if when it is armed it automatically sends me a notification the very instant a security sensor opens, then even if they run up and break the hub within the 1-2 minutes Entry Delay, at least I’ve already been notified there was an entry. Now, if the alarm is not properly"disarmed" (because the guy broke it before it sent an alarm), I have still been alerted and can still call 911 myself, or know to go check cameras, etc.

I should get a notification immediately, but Noonlight should only get a notification when an alarm officially goes off. If I get a disarmed notification a few seconds later, I know to ignore everything, if I don’t, then I know to take action even if the alarm doesn’t go off because the guy followed the noise to go break the hub first.

I completely understand if this is not an option you are interested in. I am not asking that this be forced upon everyone, I am asking that it be made an easy OPTION that people can select to automatically set all security sensors that when armed, they will send an immediate push notification when they are opened during the armed period, and automatically mute all those notifications while disarmed. Those who don’t care about this option (such as yourself) can simply just leave it off. But that doesn’t take away from the other people who would really like to have it.

Truthfully, when they allow us to tie rules to arming status I plan to program rules to do all that myself anyway, so I can personally set it up to work for myself regardless, but it’s not always about me, I am making recommendations that lots of other people also want. I also don’t personally want cellular backup, but a lot of people want that as an add-on, and I support them having that option too even though it’s not for me. I don’t really need the hub to chime when a sensor opens because I know how to make all my Google Home and Alexa devices throughout my house already do all that, but a lot of people don’t know how to do this and want something easy they can just flip on or off. I fully support implementing things to those options to all the people who do really want it and don’t know how to use workarounds.

Hopefully that makes sense. I totally understand your position and agree that things need to be optional so that they continue to work the way you personally prefer…but keep in mind that others personally prefer things differently too, and this option (immediate notification, but not immediate alarm) would be very useful for many other people.


This was clarified that Wyze uses a dual countdown method. Even if someone destroys the hub before disarming the system, the alarm would still inform Noonlight and the owner.

I still like the idea of an immediate alert. For example, when a security cam sees a human it shouldn’t wait 2 minutes to tell me and send a thumbnail just in case someone enters the disarming code, it alerts me immediately anyway. By the same logic, sensors should do the same thing; Alert me to a breach immediately anyway, but don’t trigger the alarm procedures until the grace period expires with no disarm code entered.
This is especially needed for all the people who distrust using Noonlight and leave it in test mode for self monitoring. We would feel better still getting an immediate notice.

Furthermore, if the hub is broken or internet disappears (stops communicating with the cloud) right in the middle of the entry delay period, then assume there is a malevolent reason and trigger the alarm immediately. There is no longer a need to wait until the rest of the delay period expires. Tell Noonlight & Call and text me immediately in that case.

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This makes total sense!

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I certainly follow your thinking, and I’m all in for more options for people to customize their system as they see fit. Thanks for the explanation.

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In the app, change the colors of the 3 arming buttons
Red- Armed away
Amber- armed stay
Green- disarmed

(1) Separate volume controls for the cursory chime vs. the volume level for the alarm vs. system spoken words.

(2) Add the ability to schedule specific times to arm (home or away) and disarm at custom users selected times.

(3) An option to press the asterisk and the check mark to trigger a “panic” call instead of having to finger search for the existing panic alarm button on the side of the keypads.

(4) Multiple pin codes for each family member; and guests… Of which one user specified pin code selection would be designated as silent panic so that it will give the appearance of disarming the system, (sort of like a silent alarm) but in the background , Noonlight is being sent a distress signal.

(5) Add in welfare check pendent or pin code to alert Noonlight. If owner does not respond to the Noonlight call, then an ambulance should be contacted on behalf of the system owner.

(6) Deeper/Robust automation integration with Amazon / Google. V3 cameras currently are not able to be seen throught the Alexa app. (Windows)

(7) Integrate the Wyze band and the Wyse 44/47 to enable arming/disarming the HMS.

(8) On the keypad, there is a timeout delay after automatically displaying the current mode. Then you have to wait before it is displayed again… A designated keypad button should be coded to immediately display current HMS arm mode… For example…like the 0 button or just the checkmark…

(9) Be able to use the V3 siren and the WYze Doorbell as additional siren to the HMS. (Or an external stand alone siren that will sound if the HMS alarm is tripped.)

(10) A predetermined sentence should be announced through the HMS system when the alarm has tripped. (Something per se where it says that the local authorities have been notified… (To act as as a deterrent for any unauthorized people in/around your home.))

(11) Update/Revise the Apps GUI …to me a bit cleaner/ less cluttered looking (…Especially with all the new devices being added to it.)

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  1. “Hey google”/“alexa” set hms alarm to away".
  2. When an alarm is triggered, blow up my phone, and, show my camera(s).
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