We Built a Cat House!

We built a Cat House! complete with a Wyze Cam OG and a Wyze Plug Outdoor!


So cool. What material did you use?

Why does a :smiley_cat: need a house when they have control over yours? :grin:

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Cats instinctually like to have somewhere they can go that covers them all sides so that something can’t sneak up on them while they rest. Lots of cats like to go sit in cardboard boxes, for example.

Think of it as something like how some rich people have a “Panic Room” in their house that they can go to when they need to feel safe from all threats even though the whole house is theirs.

The whole house might be the cat’s house, but they still want to a room just for them to provide a sense of security and shelter from threats/stressors, something to offer warmth/comfort, satisfy natural instincts to hide, stalk and pounce on prey, and something for fun and enrichment of their curiosity and playfulness. :slight_smile:

Can also think of it like their Master Bedroom. Just because you have a whole house to yourself doesn’t mean you don’t still want your own master bedroom. :wink:

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Yeah, one of my daughter’s cats loved shoe boxes, cardboard boxes, paper bags, laundry basket and cabinets to hide in. Strange creatures. :upside_down_face:
A dog if it lives inside will just take over the bed, reclining chair or the couch :rofl:

Mainly Wood, metal sides for roof.

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Wait! Antonius, your daughter owns cats? The plot thickens…do you like her cats? They’re basically her babies, and you have to love your daughter’s babies. It’s required. Ask her.

She did have cats, all got old and went to cat heaven. I had to cat sit them for some extended periods while she was out of town. The first two were rescue cats. The third one she got belonged to one of her patients, an old man who was dying of cancer and all he worried about was his old cat and what would happen to it. She adopted the cat shortly before the old guy passed away

This is my Cat :rofl: